Thursday, July 29, 2010

The BC Bullfrog - Pest or tasty treat?

In Cambodia, I was presented frogs legs in a black sauce, they were succulent. Kind of like chicken, I remember, but better. The dish was called, Ung Kep Char Kreoung, made with onion, garlic, peppers, lemon grass and oyster sauce, it left me drooling for more. I've decided, I want to find some, cook 'em and serve 'em in a hot, florescent lit room just to recreate the experience fully. So, where do you get frogs legs in Vancouver? I'm on a mission to find out. Pied a Terre on Cambie used to serve them and got them shipped from Quebec. Seems a long way to go when we have an invasive species of Bullfrog right here in the Lower Mainland. Our big, mean BC bullfrogs are responsible for eating a lot of our native species of frogs to near extinction. However, over harvesting of frogs to supply France and Asia's demand for them has caused a major decline in frog populations in general. Luckily for frogs, no one seems to like them much in Canada, so far. Most commercial frogs legs come from China or India from farms and apparently lack the desirable 'muddy' or 'earthy' flavour of wild frogs. So, I'd love to get me some wild bullfrog, yeee-haw. I'll keep you posted on what I find out... any froggy info would be greatly appreciated. Currently, it seems our infinitely wise BC government deems it illegal to catch bullfrogs under the BC Wildlife Act.

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