Monday, July 12, 2010

Mushrooms & cider, an Alice in Wonderland moment...

The Herbfarm - Washington (near Seattle)
Highlight of the night: Saged French Meringues! Balsamic marinated cherries with malted Bavarian cake.

A Pacific Northwest institution for locavors, this restaurant is a must eat at for anyone looking to taste all the best of the land from the Cascade Mountains to the sea. One of the finest meals I've had in years, and noting that I went to Spain and France last year rounds out the sentiment. I visited for a Cider Makers Dinner, happily priced at $125. Seven courses and including all the cider I could drink, expertly paired with each course (hats off to the resident sommelier). Lovely spring morels, rabbit, squab, cherries, house made chevre... stop drooling.

This is arbutus bark tea... really neat!

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