Monday, March 22, 2010

BC wild musrhooms - Chantrelle, Bolete, Pine? Why should you care?

Wild Mushroom Taste Test... go!
Ever smell your mushrooms? I'm not being crass, I'm serious. Those, white mushrooms that everyone buys at the store... smell them. Then, buy a shitake mushroom or a chantrelle, fresh or dried. Now, that's a mushroom. Here are some tasting notes of BC wild mushrooms that I got from Skookum Harvest Wild Foods, hand picked on Vancouver Island. I'm making a wild mushroom pate for the BC Wilds & Wine event coming up.

Porcini (King Bolete) From Price Smart on Kingsway St.
Aroma - musty, burnt sugar, meaty, horse Palate - buttery, mild

Porcini (King Bolete) From Skookum
Aroma - caramel, tar (in a good way) Palate - earthy, meaty, butter... powerful


Aroma - sweet herbs, caramel, hay, strong and beautiful Palate - savoury, meaty, cloves, lemon flowers

Aroma - honeycomb toffee Palate - hay, buttery, mild

All Dried from skookum harvest unless listed otherwise...

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