Monday, August 10, 2009

Wine School Rocks

If any of you have thought about wanting to know more about wine... You know, you think it's super yummy, now you just want to go that step further and actually understand what's pouring down your throat. It may be advisable to fork out the $599 and check out the International Sommelier Guild Program. A few years back, I did and it changed the way I drink; I was a highball girl previously. Seems like too much dough to shell out for a class? Well, imagine all the lovely wine you will be drinking, hand picked by your teacher as quality examples of various regions and grapes.

I really can't recommend it enough for people that are consumed by a passion for wine. The teachers are all working sommeliers (wine experts), they may even have their very exciting...Masters of Wine (Barb Phillips was an amazing instructor, and Canada's 2nd M.A.). Michelle Bouffard, queen of 'House Wine' consultants, also an excellent teacher and an expert on Burgundian Wines, you need someone good teaching that subject as it's a bit like eating glass or reading latin. Imagine, once a week you head in to talk, sample and learn about wine with people that are equally jazzed to discuss. The most amazing thing about the program is that it isn't snooty, they are very clear that people like what they like even if it is Blue Nun. I was happy to learn that it's normal to sense different characteristics in wine. If you aren't smelling cat pee on a gooseberry bush in your wine (even though the bottle says it's there), it's okay, you can still be a sommelier. Maybe you protect your gooseberry bushes from cats, who knows.

This is my thumbs up of the week:)

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