Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lamb on a Spit, the best crispy skin I've ever tasted... meat lovers rejoice!

How to cook a lamb on a spit and be king for a day...
1. Select your meat team, these will be the bros/chiquitas that will be in it with you through thick and thin, putting out fires, turning, carving and sweating buckets. Choose wisely, don't pick the town drunk.2. Buy a 50 Lb lamb from your butcher if you are popular or less if you don't have many friends (1/2 lb per person approx.)

3. Get an electric rotisserie from your butcher(this is the easiest, $80 at Windsor Meats) or just a metal pole, securing brackets and 2 brackets to rest the spit, 2 halves of a steel drum and some wood charcoal. You can hand turn the meat or have the ease of a motor, it depends on how old school you want to kick it.

4. Watch this video for great details on how to secure the lamb to the spit and set up the coals

5. Cook a 50Lb lamb about 7 hours depending on the heat of your fire, you can use a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the lamb to check the 'doneness' - 140F for rare, 150F for medium

6. Stuff the cavity of the lamb with onions, lemons, Moroccan spices(cumin, Cayenne, kosher salt, pepper, ginger, cloves) and stitch up with butcher string.

7. Baste with olive oil and lemon, salting occasionally. An occasional IPA or ale poured over the lamb couldn't hurt either, one for you, one for the lamb.

This will make the best lamb you've ever tasted with perfect, crispy, slightly spicy, lemony skin. You don't need any sides, just eat the meat and drink some beer. C'est tout!

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