Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greek wine? really?

All I've ever tried was retsina... which was bad. Retsina, for people new to Greek wine, is a white or rose wine with pine resin added to the grape ferment. Originally, the resin was used to preserve the wine before the glass bottle waltzed into our lives. I'm sure there is good retsina out there, but I have yet to find it(please pass on the secret if you know of a good one).

However, a friend left a bottle of 2008 Moschofilero(the grape), Boutari(the producer) behind, so I gave Greece a whirl again. It was bone dry with a good level of lemony, melon fruit. A really nice food wine for my venison dumplings with juniper berries(recipe listed in my last post). Here are the notes:

Melon, citrus, slight floral greets you on the nose. Lime dominates the palate, a simple, dry, med+ body wine. Good with food or if you love really dry whites on a summer day.

Throw in $19 bucks at any BC Liqour Commision on a cultural experience for your mouth.

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