Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A worry wart's dilemma - Is Decaf Coffee giving me Cancer?

Decaf - What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again! Yeah! Alright, I had to, sorry. I love the flavour of coffee, but the buzz leaves me jittering. So, why not move to decaffeinated? Decaf beans are run through chemicals that could be cancer producing, but is there any proof of this claim?

Before the 1980's, methylene chloride was used to strip the little green beans of their caffeine. It is now strongly suspected to cause cancer in humans. "Oops, sorry," says the big company to the little sick person. Most coffee producers no longer use this substance. The Swiss have come to our rescue and developed a method that uses water which is as safe as a their banks. Unless Jason Bourne wants something in one, of course, then their screwed. I digress, drink your decaf and relax, it seems to be OK.

Really interesting article on the chemistry & process of decaffeination
Other info sources:
The National Cancer Institute in Bonn, Germany

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