Monday, December 28, 2009

What the hell is in Eggnog anyway?

Um... raw eggs and lots of milk & cream.
This is a traditional eggnog recipe, what I love about it is it's with Brandy and Whiskey not Rum, it's a more subtle booziness. Though the traditional recipe almost destroyed my family with drunkenness this Christmas, it's quite stiff be warned.

Ingredients 8 servings 16 servings 24 servings
Fresh Eggs
(separated into yolks/whites)
4 8 12
(divided into 2 equal parts)
1/2 cup
(1/4c, 1/4c)
1 cup
(1/2c, 1/2c)
1 1/2 cups
(3/4c, 3/4c)
1/2 cup 1 cups 1 1/2 cups
Milk (Whole or 2%) 1 1/2 cups 3 cups 4 1/2 cups
Whiskey (Irish) 1 cup 2 cups 3 cups
Heavy/Whipping Cream
(divided into 2 equal parts)
1 cup
(1/2c, 1/2c)
2 cups
(1c, 1c)
3 cups
(1 1/2c, 1 1/2c)
Ground Nutmeg

Enough to sprinkle on servings.
Consider whole nutmeg nuts and grate


Basically, you are just whipping up cream and egg whites to give the drink a more thick texture and then mixing everything together. You can test if your eggs are fresh by doing the egg test in water, if they sink they are fresh(less air has permeated the shell).

1. Whip 1/2 of the cream till stiff
2. Separate eggs and then whip the whites to stiff peaks
3. beat yolks with sugar
4. mix booze and milk + left over cream into yolks, be careful how much booze you put in, taste the mixture to fit your personal level of alcoholism
5. fold in the beaten cream mixture and then the stiff egg whites.
6. let sit overnight in the refrigerator if you have the time otherwise just serve and top with fresh ground nutmeg.

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