Monday, August 31, 2009

What I bought on the Bench.... Naramata, BC wines

The Naramata Bench August 2009
Zipping along the winding Naramata Bench Road in the Okanagan with the desert, summer sun on your face and a commanding view of Lake Okanagan is good enough on it's own. Add to that stopping by one of the many fabulous wineries of this distinctive grape growing region and you have a perfect afternoon of sipping and zipping.

Best picks at the wineries...

Poplar Grove:
Expensive but well worth the cost...
Was so excited about the Merlot 2007 that I bought a case, this is an ager with distinctive Okanagan blackberry & sage grass notes. The Cab Franc is stunning, but prohibitively expensive.
Merlot 2005 - $29
Merlot 2007 - $25
Cab Franc 2005 - $39

Nichol Vineyard:

Excellent value but there were only 12 bottles left, grab the next vintage sight unseen. Tobacco, pencil shaving, very fruit forward, full of cherries, solid acidity.
Pinot Noir - $27

Laughing Stock:

Good quality, Chardonnay is a great value. Portfolio is overpriced, but yummy as heaven.
Chardonnay -$23
Portfolio(Meritage) - $34

Black Widow:
A nice light summer sipper; good acidity, floral notes on the nose and a flinty mouthful to follow.
Didn't like anything else in their tasting room, but this one was a great find.
Pinot Gris 2008 - $20

If you want a big, bold red for a treat, this is it. Predominantly, Cabernet Sauvignon, you are greeted by cherry, clove, butter, vanilla and pepper notes.
Amazing and worth the price. If you're at the bench, buy a bottle, because in Vancouver you can only buy this at Firefly winery for $49, ouch.
Super Ego (Meritage) 2007 - $37

Lang Vineyards:
Great buy, stunning acidity, great fruit and pungent minerality.
Riesling Farm Reserve - $17

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